Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a quieter day in Olde Harwich today, no computer panics, no strong winds OMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - that's Yoga BTW. Here are a few more  Linki and pictures. Oh! I just learned how to link to texts so any jokes to have, I can now link to them...

1.  Heard of Oshkosh? It is allegedly the World's Largest Airshow

2.  How to make a wooden lampshade, first take your tree - Seriously!

3.   We're at the Jordan Valley School's Talent contest , the tall girl in black is our Granddaughter Mika

4.  While we are in Israel, from Martin - a beautiful Timelapse

Picture Gallery

From cousin in Brazil

From another cousin in Brasil

Think before you act

Bin is Hungry

Hiding the Apple

New Jokes section

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I hope that you enjoy the jokes,

Monday, 27 February 2012

Funnies for the New Week

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that you had a good Weekend, all was quiet in Little Old Harwich, but the sun shone - a bit and it was warmer than normal. I found a few more "Little Gems" for your amusement...

1.  Thanks to John for this one......I like this  Always travel in Groups!

2.  Do you remember the Unimog? A sort of Landrover on steroids? Here is one tackling a 4ft wall 

3.  I think we've seen this before but worth a look Joyful Young voices at Listomania Phoenix

Did he really get in this jam?

Now the Gallery

                                                                  Let's walk into a bar!

Cool shower head

                                                           Winston always hit the spot!

                                                                You don't add them up!

                                                                           Stop waste!

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Thanks for visiting please call - new stuff most days,

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Funnies for Sunday

Dear Family & Friends,  Yet another good day in the backwoods of East Anglia. I have ferreted and foraged for more Funny content for the Blog, here are today's results...
1.   This old lady very cleverly describes - a - Nanosecond!
2.   We have the Red Arrows, the US have the Black Diamonds - not in the same class!
3.  She is small she is precocious, she is Russian, but hey what a Performance!

Sniff sniff

                                                            Now you get Pictures...

                                                                      Nothing to see!

                                                                   Tears are running......

                                                                          Push - I Did!

                                                                         Elvis is back!

                                                   The Shoes they spoil the whole effect!

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Overcast with a chance of rain

Overcast with a chance of rain

Thanks again for calling!


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Funnies on this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, 

Just another Saturday down in little Harwich, sunny but cold wind, have scoured the Interweb for new stuff..........here it is..

1.  They are on the beach a fighter aircraft approaches, accelerating then - It goes through the Sound Barrier

2.  In the West we tend to ignore the Balalaika - this guy might just change your mind

3.  Is it a boat? Is it a bike? It's a Jiggley waterinvention!

Pics from the Archive of Humour

  I think that it's out of order

                                                                       Fall of Empire

                                                          Washing Machine is Disgusted!

                                                              OMG can they be real???

R2 - is Disgusting

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Mostly cloudy in the morning, then overcast

Mostly cloudy in the morning, then overcast

Cheers till the next one


Friday, 24 February 2012

Funnies for your Weekend

 Dear Family & Friends, 

Another nice day here in Harwich.

I found a few more bits and pieces

 which I hope that you will enjoy...

1.  Don't you just wish that you had thought of something like this...Snow chains

2. We see many loonies on the Internet - Romania has them too! Toboggan run

3.  Here's a painter with great skills, but I don't believe he really goes this fast! Two Hands

Science will blow you away!

Now from the Funnymine yet more efforts

Milk once

First day at work

Seems like a lifetime

Drinking USA vs Russia

First time at the vet's

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Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear

Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear

Until the next time - thanks for visiting


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Funnies for Thursday


                         Dear Family & Friends,  What a day! the temperature hit 17c here in 
                   Harwich, almost unknown in February! On your behalf as ever I have been   
                        trying to find more funny and interesting material for your amusement.



1.  For starters how about an insane Downhill Bike Ride

2. More silliness a compilation of  People Failing

3. You may have seen this on TV President Obama Jammin in Chicago, did you see who                    passed him a microphone? - It's Wrinkly Mick!     

More pictures from the droll archives...

                                                  From Klaus - "The Fly is only printed"!
We're not very green!

I am a bear - it's my chair!

US vs Russia

Why indeed!

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Overcast with a chance of rain in the afternoon

Overcast with a chance of rain in the afternoon

Cheers for now




Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Funnies on Tuesday

 Dear Family & Friends, Another busy day, together with a trip to Gatwick to collect Ma-in-Law from her holidays in Teneriffe. Now for your "Usual" -

1.  Imagine the scene, you are sitting in your car in a storm....suddenly the Tornado hits!!! Scary!

2.  London Council do some strange things..........see the Swimmer

3.  We've had juggling otters, and other weirdness, now it's the Sneezing Bear

How about a pic or two?

 Love the Armish

 Rent - Free

 Shouldn't look but can't not!


Clever Bags!

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Mostly cloudy in the morning, then overcast 
Cheers till next time!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Funnies on Monday

Dear Family & Friends,Not bad weather today, they say it will get warmer later in the week. I must confess that I have been struggling today to find anything worthwhile, in between fixing computers..........anyway here's what I dredged up  -

1.  Here's an idea - cover yourself in LEDs and go snowboarding - graphically Brilliant!
2.  Next, another one of those clever time lapse clips covering the whole world in a few Minutes
3.   Now we've had some mad people on here before but these are real Crazies The world's largest swing!

How about more pictures?

Optical Illusion
Burn off a Mac ?

Anyone Watching?

That Fry again!


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Cheers for now, hopefully see you tomorrow : )