Thursday, 16 February 2012

Old Git's Funnies

Dear Family & Friends
I am trying a different way to send my Funnies, which can involve feedback if you wish.
Today is a short one for me as I had 20 hours without sleep yesterday hence my failure to send last night.
So here goes with a new blog..........
1.  A lways a hit! - Hidden statue prank

2. Always hairy, but in town? - Urban Paragliding

3. Photoshop is now KIng -  I will never believe photos again!

Now a few more pictures...

Remember why! 

Dive in!

To my Sweetheart

Bouncy Guy

New York skyline in staples
Now the weather..........
Outside temp - 10c
Barometer - 1025 steady
Humidity - 35%
Wind direction - W
Speed - 0.7 Kn
I do hope that you enjoy this please let me know......
On the positive side you can bookmark it and call when you like, or if you get fed up - you won't have me filling up your inbox every day!  :-)

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