Thursday, 16 February 2012

Old Git's Funnies

Dear Family & Friends
I am trying a different way to send my Funnies, which can involve feedback if you wish.

Today in Harwich was almost Springlike, the Sun shone and the temperature reached 10c. Here are a few more Linki which I hope will at least make you giggle!..

1.  Suicidal? - Yes!  Cliff Jump

2. Mongolia's Got Talent.........Yes! They do it too! Singing Boy

3. Like Drumming? This chap is supposed to be The Best Drummer in Norway

Last my thanks to Derek for submitting this very interesting link, if you're like me getting forgetful read on  Coconut Oil

Now more pictures

Back to the sea!

Kim Jong Capers

Introducing your Indian tour guide

Rubik for Blondes

Kim can't fit!

Harwich Weather

Outside temp 6.9 c
Barometer - 1022 Falling slowly 
Humidity - 53% %
Wind direction - W
Speed - 1.4 Kn



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