Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Funnies for this Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Another day another Dollar, busy with computers - lots of viruses about. I had time however to find you a few more funny things....
1.  A Bobcat is a small American equivalent of our JCB. This guy has far too much time on his hands!  Bobcat Skills

2.   The song "We are Stardust" has a ring of truth An Astounding Fact

3.  Wake skating - a sort of cross between Snowboarding and surfing Splash!

Yuck !!!

 A bit like Spike Milligan's Epitaph

Not the ending you'd expect!

G & T Diet...

I don't really know!

3I have been playing with Windows 8.
It's quit different than earlier Windows,
It's still only in Beta, but I am getting to like it!

Windows 8 on my PC

Harwich Weather Tonight

Time 2206
Temperature 3.8c
Humidity 91%
Barometer  1023 Steady
Rainfall 20.8 mm
Wind Direction  W  Speed  0.0 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain in the afternoon

Overcast with a chance of rain in the afternoon

Good night and thanks for visiting


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