Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dear Family & Friends,  Yet another fantastic day in Harwich, blue skies, and everything! If you don't live here already you should move! Anyway after some computer jobs, I got down to the important work of digging up your Funnies...
1.  A Geeky piece about constructing your very own Vortex Gun

2. More Lunacy with a guy on a quadbike doing......Well see for yourself!

3. Last a tongue in cheek commercial about a very expensive professional Video Camera

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                                                      Can Kids guess?

                                              Texting Kills Right?

                                              Mythical Buy now!

                                                                Classic Question

                                              Not sure about "Boop" - more *kin Hell

Harwich Weather
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time  22.21
Temperature  8.4c
Humidity  89%
Barometer  1026 Falling slowly
Rainfall  0.0mm  It's the driest for 100 years!
Wind Direction  ENE  Speed  8.5 Kn


Partly cloudy in the morning, then mostly cloudy 
Bright some cloud later

Thanks again for calling - tell your Friends!

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