Thursday, 1 March 2012

Funnies for Thursday

Dear Family & Friends,  Sorry I'm late tonight - had friends in, some wine was drunk, and well you know...Here are a few more items which I hope will amuse.

1.  Can you remember a few years back the "Wasssuuuuup" epidemic ? Well I have to tell you that it's back! Milk - True

2.   The most relaxing sound you will hear today - Tongue Drums

3.  Now another of those clever time lapses "Time is Nothing" Around the World

                                                                   Picture Gallery

                                                                      Cell division

                                                                     Drinking Vodka


                                                                    Careful Michelle!

                                                                    Awkward Situation

Harwich Weather Tonight
Time  23.46
Temperature  4.9c
Humidity  69%
Barometer  1026mb  Rising slowly
Rainfall  0.0mm
Wind Direction  E  Speed  0.0 Kn




Thanks for visiting - Goodnight


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