Friday, 9 March 2012

Funnies for your Weekend

Dear Family & Friends,  How was yor week? Good I hope, mine was normal... here are a few items to tickle your fancies :-

1.  Small Japanese person performs, with ukelele  Superbass

2.  You club together and buy your old Dad an Ipad, then....This happens

3. To complete the silliness, have you heard the Siberians  Throat singing

Thanks Mags!

John's Joke

Gracias John


               I met Vincent at Mardi Gras (not a painting!)

  Uses of ROM!



 Get in line like everyone else

Harwich Weather Tonight

  Temperature  7.4c
Humidity  65%
Barometer  10-32  Steady
Rainfall  0.0mm
Wind Direction  W  Speed  0.3 Kn


Mostly cloudy in the morning, then overcast

Mostly cloudy in the morning, then overcast

Thanks for calling- hope to see you again!


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  1. hahahahahahahahaha, OMG the Ipad!! /laughing a lot