Saturday, 10 March 2012

Funnies this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, I am publishing early today, because I'm off for a night out with the boys. So when I return it will be either too late or I might not be able to complete the task!   
So here are today's efforts to make you smile.....

1.  First - a Page of Unfortunate place names....All true!

2.  Next a ventriloquist with a very unusual and funny  Dummy

3.  More silliness a home made Sritling engine note the Flywheel!  Hot air engine  

4. The human ear is amazing, close your eyes, listen to the riffs and you will recognise them


                                                       Witness protection

                                                        Make your own caption!

                                                          Spot King Kong


                                                There is NOTHING to describe this!!!

Harwich Weather

Time   1720
Temperature  15.2c
Humidity  38%
Barometer  1033mb  Steady
Rainfall  0.0 mm
Wind  Direction  NW  Speed  0.0  Kn


Partly cloudy

Partly cloudy

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