Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Another very showery day in Harwich. Rush visit to Colchester, with Dear Wife to see consultant surgeon,
 and also to return faulty computer parts. Then race home to dig up for you the usual array of humourousness - is that a word?

1.  First a bit of sketchy fun from BBC  Ice Creams

2.  A Great new idea!!! Well 90 years ago! Cycle Skates

3.  The sound of what it feels like to sell 

4.  Thanks to Tony for this please try the Think Test


                                         Well Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay!

                                         Another Aah! moment - baby dolphin

                                         Ice Cream for Adults only

                                                  Hot hot hot!

                                                              I'm Special!

Thanks Dick!

Harwich Weather Tonight

Time  22.25
Temperature  5.1c
Humidity  56%
Barometer  993 mb  Steady
Rainfall  3.4 mm
Wind  Direction  WNW  Speed  0.0 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain in the afternoon
Overcast with rain later

Thanks for visiting -
Please call again.



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