Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dear Family & Friends, Another wet day here in Harwich. Finished fixing a laptop this morning, which gave me some time to dig around for more ammunition for the Blog....

1.  First a web page of "People you wish you knew" In real life

2.  Silliness at its best how about the Mario theme played on

3. More extreme silliness, take a girl with long blonde hair and a bass speaker of 40,000 Watts!

4 .  Last, vintage silliness from the Python team - don't they look young now!  The Lumberjack Song

                            IT Guy - I know where he's coming from!

                   Guy in the front row "I think my wife can see this"!

                                         The wonders of cake

                                 Come on! It's only a fridge magnet!

                                     Been fishin' - or nickin'

This is a gem - I promise!
Thanks as ever Mike!

Harwich Weather Tonight

Time  22.10
Temperature  6.5c
Humidity  88%
Barometer  1013 mb  Rising slowly
Rainfall  4.2 mm
Wind  ESE  4.4 Kn


Overcast with rain
Rain, then more rain!

Thanks for calling!



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