Monday, 16 April 2012

Funnies for the New Week

Dear Family & Friends, I had to go into town this morning, took ages to find parking - what else is new??? Anyway, not too busy therefore had time to dig up these..........

1. I'm not sure about this one, but it's called Photo Mimicry

2.  Take a group of girls, go to Victoria falls and let them,,,,,,,,,

3. More People falling over  Best of the Week

4. You're on a Cornish Beach, and here's this bloke 

 I've been putting this off but 
here's the skateboarding Budgie

                                                  Select - Hey!

                                      Seems like a good idea

                                                   Nutritional value

                                                     Yes Teacher

                                              Things Change!

9 Letter Puzzle

Thanks Mike!

Harwich Weather Tonight
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time 22.20
Temperature  5.4c
Humidity  42 %
Barometer  1018 mb  Steady
Rainfall  0.4 mm
Wind  Direction  SW  Speed  6.7 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain
Cloudy Chance of Rain

Thank you for calling!



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