Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that your weekend is
 going well. Slightly better day in Harwich today, showers
 all around but few on us. Went to Trendy Jewellers nearby - Domestic Goddess didn't come home empty handed!
Here's your Saturday stuff.......

Sorry - publishing early - we're out tonight
Might not be able to do it later!

1.  Google are experimenting with computer glasses here's what it Might be like!

2.  Time lapse is all the thing just now here's a beautiful one of 

3.   Take one small boy outside the palace, the guard makes his moves Little Mimic

4.  I've seen one of these in Germany it encourages people not to litter - The Deepest Bin

5. Bonus clip The difference between Americans and British


 Yes You!

 Make a plan!

 Grammar Nazi

Half Empty!

Handy statue

Harwich Weather Today

Time  16.30
Temperature  13.2c
Humidity  26%
Barometer  995 mb Steady
Rainfall  5.5 mm
Wind  WNW  !.0 Kn


Clear in the morning, then partly cloudy with thunderstorms
Cloudy possibly Thunderstorms

Thanks everyone, we passed 2000 views early today!



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