Thursday, 3 May 2012

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, How was your day? Good I hope! Mine was slightly above average. Found you some more funny fodder as follows...............

1.  I feel that this is fake, but rather hope that is isn't - 

2.  Good luck to this old dear paragliding At One Hundred!

3. From the guys at Blackberry the latest thing in  Phone cameras

4.  After the Juggling Otters - more silliness with 


                                             No comment needed here!

The housing association said he couldn't fly the union flag - sooooo !

                                              And that's when the trouble started!

                                   Naughty naughty skydiver!

                                      Sorry Dave!

                                  Bleedin japanese tourists they get everywhere!

Harwich Weather tonight
From Polley's New Weather Station

Time 22.10
Temperature  8.8c
Humidity  87%
Barometer  1009 mb  Steady
Rainfall  23.3 mm
Wind  NW  1.4 Kn



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