Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dear Family & Friends, How's it going for you? Good I hope, It was a quiet day here in Harwich, elderly neighbour to doctor, some chores and just enough time to dig up a bit more Fun!

1.  We have seen beer opened with many things including swords, but never with a Chainsaw!

2.  Another prank from the States, this time a "Blind guy" asks for help to get from a machine some  Orange juice

3.  In Russia they always do it big! There's a swollen river, and they are driving trucks across floating some of the way!

4.  Meet Dave the Bulldog, not only can he do tricks in the house, he can Skateboard too!

Man gets hit by Train


Clever Door Catch

Pillow fight about to begin

Ghandi Quote

I got one!  Oh!

Look what I found on Dovercourt Beach!



Thanks so much for calling by!



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