Friday, 4 May 2012

Funnies for the Bank Holidays

Dear Family & Friends, The Weekend starts here, after a very grey day in Harwich - time to delve for you into those nether regions for more Fun! Hoping that you have a great time...Only one Link tonight but it's a long one, also more jokes.

Thanks to John for this one, it shows one of the Yeoman Warders in the Tower of London, starting his guided tour. Strangely, we heard this guy while on holiday in London a few years back - he's a hoot!  Yeoman Warder

                                          Someone with too much time!

                                       The Interview

                                         Polar bear revenge

                                              Wasn't me!!!

                                         Poo Time

                                       Domino the Different

Thanks mate!

Thanks Maggie!

Harwich Weather Tonight

From Polley's New Weather Station

Temperature  8.7 c
Humidity  77%
Barometer  1008 Rising slowly
Rainfall  2.0mm
Wind  NNE  1.0 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain
Cloudy with a chance of - Oh! yes - Rain!

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