Friday, 15 June 2012

Funnies on this Friday

Dear Family & Friends, Well now the weekend starts here, with a very eclectic mix of Linki ( That's Finnish for Links BTW, sounds more cozy!) Please enjoy!

1.  Our Granddaughter Mika is posting on Facebook this is her choice in music  Kina Grannis

2.  Thanks to Barbara for this... 
Harwich Anthem to Cheddar  - You may recognise somebody

3.  Americans do it big here a huge R/C aircraft Plus X1 rocket plane!

Acts like it never happened

Big Bertha on holiday with her flatmate

I asked for an icecream not a sword!

Today we're doing waterfalls

leading brand

No do not look!

Thanks Derek!


Chance of rain later

Thanks for calling by!



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