Thursday, 5 July 2012

Funnies for Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, For Harwich it has been Hot! Hit 30c in our back garden this PM! Now I have cooled down I have found you some Funny Stuff...

I received my new phone today
so I walked along the seafront and
 took this picture of the Hook of Holland 
ferry - what a beautiful ship she is!

Oh! I forgot to say we had fog this morning  :-)

1.  This is nice - from Australia  Honesty Rewarded

2.  Prepare to be Inspired!  The Future Is Yours

3. Hot News! Higgs Boson found...


Madam I admire your 3 fine children - Err...

Thanks Gloria!

What Student Hairdressers do
when they're supposed to sweep up!

Living Will
also from Gloria

Follow me I'm your mum now

Thanks Gloria - you've been busy tonight!


Similar but still chance of showers

Thanks for calling!



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