Sunday, 30 September 2012

Funnies for Sunday

Dear Family & Friends,Hoping that your weekend went well!

Sorry Ladies tonight it's for the Boys!
                  Look away now!

Hell! I love supermarket shopping!

1.  This guy thinks that he can make the girl horny-

2.  Here Billy Connolly describes his Prostate Examination!

3.  This is a test chaps you must maintain eye contact at all times Do not look down!

Old enough to remember the Benny Hill show?
-Me too!


Only in Russia...

Before the smoking ban - I guess

We have now reached Rock Bottom!

Don't know what the hell is going on here
Caption anyone?

Nice matching -er Uniforms

Yes buddy that is a boob!

These ladies are more from my era
real, not sticks!

Harwich Weather Live



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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family & Friends, Here's hoping that you're having a super weekend! Here are your Funnies!

1.  You can now dive on coral reefs courtesy of Streetview - see Here!

2.  Dry Luge ride this is slow to start, but hang on it gets Better!

3.  This is an old clip of a flying bicycle just listen to the nasal Accents!

I made this robot.....


Lost Phone!

I often see pictures like this, where girls make remarks about being 
 chubby is beautiful too, however, this is not chubby.
It’s normal. I’m not sure what’s giving them the idea
 that this is chubby but if you look like this, stand tall.
 You’re perfect. Bet


( Thanks Buks!)


Spring clean at Legoland

My first Pizza attempt

Names on Food


Mainly sunny - cloud at times

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Funnies for Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, The Weekend approaches, after the storms , hoping that you will have a good one. Here are more items from my "Cavalcade of Crap"...

1.  This is from 1980, the lady is still alive aged 83, Thanks Derek - The Jovers

2.  An Experienced Cop advises a driver to keep out of the...Wooooah!

3.  They us to be called cardsharks, but this is very Slick

Who Farted?


Unfortunate Daves!

The Trick

OMG! Poor Guy!

Do as you are told


More Wall art

Thanks Klaus

Thanks again!



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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Funnies on Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, How is your week going? Ok I hope! Wet and windy here again, but I dodged the raindrops to bring you more Funny Stuff...

1.  To say that this girl was nearly swallowed is over the top, but it really is an OMG moment!

2.  This is long, and I am sure is flawed somewhere, but it is fascinating! Perpetual Motion ?

3.  In Mother Russia - they breed them tough! - 

No comment necessary!

Underground Humour

Found my true vocation at last!

Let's holiday in Thailand...

Ha Ha should have called it a 5 !

Another First World Problem!

Derek's Joke (Groan)
Thanks Chaps!

Thanks Klaus!


Similar to today - a bit of everything - take your brolly!

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Funnies for Tuesday


Dear Family & Friends, Another windy and showery day. They have had floods in the North - again. To raise the mood there are a few Funny Things below....

1.  We've had juggling otters and the like, but never a parrot that Sings Pirate Songs!

2.  Babies are proven to have the "Help Impulse"
but also so Do The Apes

3.  I had a Smart Car and loved it, but it wasn't at all like This Little Beast!...Hayabusa is one of the World's fastest Motorbikes!

Take some Mentoes Some Coke and a Condom.....instant fun!


Where's Kong?

Winter's coming we need to hibernate...

Oh yea! Safety!

There is no hope!

Here comes Lunch!

For our RSA friends everywhere!

( incorrectly attributed, but funny anyway)
Thanks Dick!

Thanks Klaus!

A mixture of Sunshine & Showers

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Funnies for the New Week

Dear Family & Friends, Autumn really did arrive in Harwich today! Wet wet wet! Never mind, to cheer you up here are your Funnies...

1.   Take one science Professor, 1500 ping pong balls, mix with liquid nitrogen and Kabooooom!

2.  Yet another prank husbands vs wives in Charity Prank

3.  Clever HD presentation of Curiosity's journey to Mars
How to get there - Thanks Derek!


Vincent (not a painting!)

At last what we've all been waiting for
a Full Frontal of
The Duchess of Cambridge!

Sit and listen

Randy Sunbed


More People of Walmart

Thanks Derek!


Only kidding - Just more rain!

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