Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Funnies for Tuesday


Dear Family & Friends, Another windy and showery day. They have had floods in the North - again. To raise the mood there are a few Funny Things below....

1.  We've had juggling otters and the like, but never a parrot that Sings Pirate Songs!

2.  Babies are proven to have the "Help Impulse"
but also so Do The Apes

3.  I had a Smart Car and loved it, but it wasn't at all like This Little Beast!...Hayabusa is one of the World's fastest Motorbikes!

Take some Mentoes Some Coke and a Condom.....instant fun!


Where's Kong?

Winter's coming we need to hibernate...

Oh yea! Safety!

There is no hope!

Here comes Lunch!

For our RSA friends everywhere!

( incorrectly attributed, but funny anyway)
Thanks Dick!

Thanks Klaus!

A mixture of Sunshine & Showers

Thanks for calling!



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