Friday, 7 September 2012

Funnies for the Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, The Weekend is here, and for us in NE Essex it's going to be great weather! So roll out the barbies and let's make smoke! Here are your Funnies...

1.  If you think that you're fit watch these guys and weep! Firefighters Competition

2.  After that exercise something to really calm you down Calm - there are several different clips if you look at the bottom...Mmmmmmm!

3. This is a nice accident, guys out fishing, rig an underwater camera to watch their catch come up when This Happens


Today's Caption Competition

Who need it most

Did you know ?

I want one!

Epic Coolness!

Clever sensible parents

A gentle reminder - if you can't read any
 of the small print all the pictures are thumbnails

Thanks Klaus!


Thankfully - More of the same!

Thanks for calling by!



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