Saturday, 22 September 2012

Funnies on this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that you're having a great weekend, it'nice here with a cool East breeze. More Funnies coming your way... There's a techy theme to the Linki tonight...

1.  Juggling, you think you've seen Juggling? - 

2.  The Everlasting Smart Lightbulb is on the way 

3.  I had one of these - I'm ashamed to say 

4.  This seems a great idea! Speedcam Lotto

Coolest cat


Hmmm! Unbelieveable

OK I won't

How in the hell? 

Durrrr !

Panda smuggling

Bang you're dead

Thanks Dick!

Thanks Derek!

Cloudy Rain PM

Thanks for your continued support!



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