Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, We are in the New Year, whatever it may bring, good luck to you all! Here are some Funnies for starters...

1.  This is one way to Blast into 2013 - Bat winging!

2.  Only in Russia - guys playing war with Jackhammers!

3.  We fuss over a few inches of snow, see how the big boys deal with it - In Canada

In Movieland...


Harvest time!

Why is Santa always happy?
Because he knows where all the bad girls live!

They didn't think it through
with their lights!

Be afraid - very afraid

Cracker Joke

Well - if you look at it like that!

Thanks chaps!

Thanks Gloria!

Harwich Weather (Thanks BBC!)

A bit of everything

Thanks for calling by!
Today we passed 17,000 views!



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