Thursday, 21 February 2013

Funnies this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, We are still living on the edge of the Arctic here in Harwich, snow forecast for tonight! So we'll chuck another chair leg on the fire and get on with your Funnies...

1.  Meanwhile in Russia, see who just called by the Filling Station

2.  A satirical look at Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer
in a version of Don't hurt me

3. Let's play Keepee Upee - yes I mean the football kind! This girl really can!

I feel so sexy!..........Wharglbuuurgl!


The bride giggled - then this happened

First it was Horsemeat - now this!

Thanks Gloria!

Not Bread?

Leave your car parked for 6 days - this happens

Perfect placement

Took a dive!

Inspirational quote of the day

Thanks Chaps(esses)

Harwich Weather
from my home station

Cloudy East wind 1c

Thanks for taking a look!

Huzzah! and thank you we just passed 23,000 views!



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