Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that your Weekend is going well! If the snow recovery vehicles can't find you, you'll have to wait till later to see this - Tee hee!

1.  A little girl gives a coin to a poor bass player, and sets off - A classical Flashmob

2.  More cuddly chums...Ninja cat on a pole

3.  Thanks Derek for this - Crazy batwing flyers


No Idea


You look fat!

Spring is here!

Thanks Klaus!

Impressionist Facebook

Carry on

Thanks Jeanette!


Thanks Nick!

Thanks Klaus

After a long delay I have at last succeeded in streaming 
my weather station onto the Internet
if you follow the link, click on the little box on the bottom R/H
corner and you can then read it!

In Summary

Snow dying out 2c max

Thanks for calling by!



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