Sunday, 3 March 2013

Funnies on this Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, Well now, the Weekend is almost over. I hope that you had a good one! I have been digging around for a few more morsels of pictorial humour.

1.  So you transfer from Classical piano to - Electronic

2.  I'm not sure about this stuff, but even if it isn't one it is quite beautiful - China UFO

3.  It's in Dubai - it's spectacular it's Baba Yetu


Turned into a peacock!


Nigella at 53 Mmmmmm!

First world problem - solved!

Don't worry

After guzzling fabric softener all night.....

Green car!

Thanks Mike!

Electronic Cockerel
Thanks Klaus

Harwich Weather
from my home station

Cloud early, brighter PM  5c

Thanks so much we just passed 24,000 hits!



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