Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Dear Family & Friends, Happy Easter to all our followers!
Nice bright but icy day here in Harwich, walked our doggy visitor, but back indoors rather quickly!
Enjoy the rest of the Holiday! Here are your Funny Bits...

1.  Do you know the mystery of...

2. Thanks Geoff for this, the extreme efforts the Japanese go to just to advertise Beer! - it is a little work of art!

3.  This is not funny but one of the best bits of Television I have seen in a long while...
It could apply to us too! His name is Aaron Sorkin - recommended by Stephen Fry.


I didn't understand either!!!

His Iphone

Emma Watson Topless!

Can't win!



Thanks Geoff!

An AWWWW moment

Thanks Klaus!


Mainly sunny but still only 4c

Thanks very much for your support!



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