Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family & Friends, Tarnation - it's back! The snow that is! Grrrrrr! Never mind it's warm inside the Funny Blog .....

1.  I have seen everything now.....A Concrete Tent!

2.  Now I really think this takes - all the fun out of it!

3.  At last I think that we have excelled the juggling otters - Sledding Pugs

4.  This is classic a load of old rockers bashing out When my guitar gently weeps

The insanity continues - 3d Pen



Yes the Sun is doomed!

Not solving a problem

Words of Wisdom

On Backwards!

I do this!


Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather 
from my home station

Yes more of the white stuff I'm afraid  

Thanks for calling by!



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