Friday, 12 April 2013

Dear Family & Friends, the Weekend is here, and the Big News is....we shall have (maybe) 17c on Sunday! So sweat away while you enjoy my latest offerings!

1. This is not new but it is incredibly cool - 

2.  Ready for a bit of Zen meditation... 

3.  Busking on the subway - but these guys are maestros I knew you were trouble!


Freud Lives!
Thanks Myke!

Laugh till his bathtime!

For our Israeli friends... Secular meets Hasidic - he is averting his gaze!

Bloody Mary - with a Plus!

Nasty Border - Nice Border

Oh! Mickey!

Sadistic Bastard!

Cats v/s Dogs

Dick's Joke ( Oldie but goodee)
Thanks Chaps!

Thanks Claudia!

     Sorry - Live Weather is broken at the moment  :-(


Cloudy 13c

Thanks for your support!



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