Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Funnies on this Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, Halfway through the week already, still freezing here in Lil 'ol Harwich. Now something which I very much hope will make you smile...

1.  Loads of Furniture for a small space 

2. Unconventional way to put on a Swimming cap!

3.  No more juggling otters! Now it's A Bopping Sealion!

The look which means "I agree" but really she has no idea
what you are on about!


Alcohol - again!

Sorry I left my neck at home...

How dumb is this?

Ups and downs

Jiggle- ometer up ahead!

No! I am a juggling otter!

Just one of those superbly timed shots!


Sunny interval Cold NE wind  4c

Thanks for viewing!



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