Sunday, 26 May 2013

Funnies for Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, It was an uncharacteristically warm and sunny day in Harwich! So it was into the garden, weeding until the joints told us to stop! Here are the Weekend's Funnies...

1. First Huge Pride,- our Grandson and his music teacher play a duet - The Entertainer

2. Some Baseball players with a sense of Humour

3.  With an Iphone you can get an app for everything!
This guy has created a Looper



Vlad - the Lad

Hell I love Nordic Raiders!

Thanks Charles!

He's not bothered now his divorce is going through - 
He won't have to share the house!

Thanks Derek!

Aussie Humour!

Thanks for that one too Derek!

On the Farm - Old Wellies!

Thanks Geoff!

What a mad world we inhabit !

Harwich weather from my home station

Yes Unbelievably more sun tomorrow
Max 16c

Thanks for your continued Support!



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