Thursday, 27 June 2013

Funnies on this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a not too bad day here today, although maybe rain tonight. I have fossicked (I love this Australian word) for new material - just for you!...

1.  I like bagpipes but this is a bit - Different!

2.  We've seen one of these stupid things before - but this one is - Different!

3.  You are feeling very sleeeeepy! - Is this a windmill or an animated Statue


First world problem 

Maintain eye contact!

When you see it you'll s**t bricks!
Clue - Inwisibue

Mobile Gospel

Very awkward

Best "Super moon" photo ever

Thanks Glo!

Harwich Weather from my home station

Summary for Friday

Rain by PM Max  16c

Thanks for calling by!



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