Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Funnies on Hot Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a record breaker today we had 29c in the shade. Just the day to sit under a sunshade with a cool drink! Did I? No I ferreted around for more Funny stuff just for you!

1.  Thanks Derek for this! I shudder that this could have happened to me...Italian Auctioneer

2.  As you know I love fireworks! These are big -

3.  More silliness Swedish fishermen play on kitchen utensils and sing "Kiss from a rose"

I hate high fives they are just not British!


I want one!

No and I didn't understand it either!

Rasterise - Ha!

Yes that's what it says - I checked!

Good ol Judge Judy!

Thanks Dick!


Whoops! Number 539

Thanks Chaps!

If you're a Red Dwarf fan you will get this right away!

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich weather summary for Wednesday

More of the same but cooler  max 25c

Thanks for calling by!



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