Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dear Family & Friends, I have a cold, so I am suffering from a severe sense of humour loss! Undeterred, I pulled my head out from under the steam bath towel and found just for you the following :-

1.  Not funny but impressive and very scary - Boeing Champ

2.  This from Pete, 6th June was D day anniversary
artists created figures on Arromanches Beach to commemorate those who lost their lives on that Day

3.  Thanks Barbara for this - Starwars 4 in


Poor old Rick - still rollin' !

I'm a penguin!

Extreme golfing


Policing in England

Now there's an idea!

Britannia is back on the rails!
I would attend Parkeston station in the early Fifties to watch her
haul the Continental Boat train!

Story of my life


Joke Central

Thanks Guys!


Thanks Matt C !

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Yet more sun! Max 16c

Thanks for calling by!



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