Sunday, 1 September 2013

Funnies for Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a good day for me today, had lunch with a bunch of my school friends, my throat is sore from talking and laughing....now it is time to try and make you laugh :-

1.  Black or white played on Percussion Guitar

2.  The protesters are here, the slogans are called out...one thing though - the protesters are Sheep!

3.  We've had Juggling Otters, now Excitable Otters

Too many guns in US - but hey he made a rainbow!


Another way of doing it!

Only in Russia!

Wondering if she knows what that means!

I don't care I wash shield!


Maybe we do! - I have permission to say this!

Our US cousins are strong on slogans...

Joke Central

Harwich Weather from my home station

Summary for Monday

Sun all the way!  Max 23c

Thanks for calling by!
Oh! and Huzzah! we just passed 39,000 hits!



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