Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Funnie for Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Another good day here in Olde England. We are psyching ourselves up to paint our bedroom tomorrow, maybe no funnies tomorrow, but for tonight? - Yessss!

1.  Mercedes are experimenting with a driverless car, the future? Or Madness!

2.  They call it the Bobcat - it's an excavator, driven here by a driver of Precision

3.  The title says it all... Cop stops car with broken headlight.........Oooooh! Wolves!

Boobs yes they always win!

My Fun!

If they removed all the idiots - someone would invent a
new kind of idiot!

Here here Albert !

Test that sense of humour

Er sorry do you get this ???

Awww! Poor bluebottle  Tee Hee!

Sorry No Jokes in Today so here's a clip

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Mainly cloudy chance of a shower later  Max 15c

Thanks for calling by!



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