Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Funnies for Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Just another day in Lil 'Ol Harwich, rain early, brightened later. Helped a friend with Email problems, then busy with my second "Electronic Picture Frame on Steroids" no time to get bored!
Here is some more Funny stuff (hopefully)...

1.  Hosting the Winter Olympics, the Russians have come up with a gimmick to make people execise - 30 squats and you travel on the subway - Free!

2.  This is clever - a robotic penguin, I am wondering who has developed this.....maybe The Military???

3.  They call this "Trippy" and I can see why -

Good old USA - nice folks but not too strong on Geography!


Freudian Slip? Maybe not!

Meet the new Au Pair

Sorry Girls I'm just too old!

Yes it is full of cabbages, but then it is Romania!

You have to be a certain age to get this one!

I don't have the courage to agree with this!

Cowboy's Tombstone

Thanks Geoff!

Joke Central

Thanks Chaps!

Ein bisschen spass (A little bit of fun)

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Cloud tending to increase through the day, but it will remain dry and bright with lengthy spells of sunshine. Feeling a shade cooler in gentle South-Westerly winds. Wet and windy conditions arriving after dark, overnight into Thursday. Maximum temperature 10 degrees Celsius. - 
Thanks Essex Weather Centre!

Thanks for calling by!



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