Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dear Family and Friends, It is a very dull day here today. It really hasn't got light today at 1400 we have the lights on and it is raining. This gives me time to dig up some more festive fun, just for you!

This long, it is corny, but .........more Xmas lights!

This kid really is a reincarnation - he is Quebecois

Amazing things to do with a snowmobile!



Photobomb Number 1793

If you suffer from vertigo don't look!

Ancient Japanese art - in 2 clicks - it's the Cookee Monster!

Wow what an offer!

Thanks Richard C!

Easter comes early to a US street!

That's me folks!

Ha Ha! Good for you Carlos!

Kiddies Beware!

Sorry no jokes today
to compensate - here's a bumper

Harwich Weather from our Home Station

Cloudy with outbreaks of rain, locally very heavy during the afternoon and evening. Limited brightness, though mild once again in fresh to strong South-Westerly winds. Maximum temperature 14 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 90 % | Rainfall Amount: 3-11 mm | Sunrise: 7.57 am
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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