Friday, 13 June 2014

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was the warmest day so far in Harwich today, and after a visit to the Doctor for my 15,000 mile service, decided it was too hot for work. It has now cooled to a comfortable 21c so off we go with weekend funnies just for you!

It's Friday 13th today so you get 13 pictures!

This is a tad gross - It is a necklace with a small reservoir containing your tapeworm!
Savour the memories!

Doggy Selfie

Grotesque selfie

Go for it Grandpa! GO!

And when this new delivery arrives I will also park this one
 outside my neighbour's house

Must be going to Walmart!

Stereotype sitcom dad taking his kids to the beach…
-actually our elder son Martin in Israel- 

OMG!!! That's unbelieveable! 

Maybe tomorrow!

I think that this is a lie!

Sorry to say - I am him!

Mum - whats on on the loo just now?

MMM drain needs feeding 

Sorry no jokes tonight - here's anther animation...

It's a bit long, but I needed this -because I don't understand it either!!!

Thanks for calling by!



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