Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, it was a beautiful day in Harwich today, chilly but sunny - everyone was smiling for the first time in a while! Quick trip to town to the optician, and then.....time for the funnies hunt to begin.....

These Israeli Firemen are amazing!

Thanks Martin & Matt!

When these oldies get it on - fireworks ensue!


Techy panacaea!

You've seen me then!

Thanks Mags and Susi!

No silly! It's a Tshirt!

Yes! They can breed and vote!

Thanks Bob!

Philosophical thought for the day!

Oh! No! - Crocs handbags?

The Dutch Army have a section called Marechaussee, and they deal with border policing
where am I going with this?....................I can't think of a smart slogan!

Thanks Robert (F) - formerly (NL)

The Rage!

Thanks Susi!

They always do!

This is the first ISIS joke that I have seen, 

the only reason that I have put it here is to say I believe that they must be stopped
by any means!!!

Mancave - Ladies please look away!

Take care not to drop your phone into the tub!

Real or fake?
Who cares!

Ding Dong!

Now I will bring tears to your eyes!

Thanks Derek!

These guys are going to be in deep doo-doo pretty soon!

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Another dry day, but cloudier than of late. There will be some sunny intervals and temperatures are expected to rise a little above average. South-Westerly winds will freshen during the afternoon. Maximum temperature 9 degrees Celsius.
Precipitation Probability: 10 % | Precipitation Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 7.07 am
 Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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