Friday, 20 March 2015

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We had a great day out today with our best friends, and visited Bishops Stortford. Later visiting their Daughter and Grandchildren. This has made me a bit late online tonight, so if things are a bit untidy, please bear with me, whatever comes up - it's just for you!

You need to be an old rocker to enjoy this, it's a bit long, but worth a listen. Remember the Ventures? Their first drummer George went on to become a General!

Thanks Bill!

Stunt Pilot scares the sh*t out of his passengers!

Thanks Bill - again!


OK you risk life and limb for a crap sofa?

Academic tatt - the solar system!

Now what do you think she did with her selfie arm"

Hey your nuts are loose!

Thanks Geoff!

Love that Pun!

I'll bet that's the Mother-in-Law!

The Long and the Short of it!

Thanks Robert!

Ha! Your goal should be - Stop stuffing your face!

Nothing to say here!

It's OK Nana - I don't think they mean you!

Artist's Licence!

No dear you don't have to put on your life vest just yet!

Mancave - Ladies please look the other way!

Get a Chevy!

Thanks Geoff!

She would have been 89 this year!

It continues to be crowded on the balcony!

Not the End - but the other end!

Thanks Chaps!

Lithuanian Joke

Did you know that eternal love lasts an average of three months?

Thanks Rita (LT)

Just Hitchin a ride!

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Cloudy with the odd spot of rain or drizzle at first, then becoming brighter with spells of sunshine. A shade cooler in a strengthening breeze. Maximum temperature 8 degrees Celsius.
Precipitation Probability: 15 % | Precipitation Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 5.59 am
 Thanks Essexweather.com

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