Friday, 22 May 2015

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Sorry, it's a bit short tonight, only pictures, I have been working late and am out of vitality! Please enjoy what little there is!


Swedish man with an electric car - and a sense of humour

Perhaps we won't go out to play today!

Yet again - too many guns in the US!

Ooh! Look out the Lady Centaurs are on the loose!

From a bored Gynacologist

Thanks Mags!

Also made waves in the tea - Earthquake strength 4 at 0300 this morning

Thanks Mags again!

Cute selfie...........but look again!

Cervantes - eat your heart out!

Meanwhile the people of Walmart are going all fashionable!

Nor me !

Thanks Robert!

Elephants seem to have that effect on her ni**les!

Inappropriate way to carry a sweatshirt !

Thanks as ever for your support!



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