Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today was quiet, had a visit from son and daughter in law for lunch, which was a slow affair and they have been not long gone, so I'm a bit on the drag, but we had a really nice time, so I'm not sorry - Thanks guys! Now for more funny stuff....

Not what you think - Jamie - just for you!

More infant prodigies!


I can only think that he was caught short during the Wife carrying Race!

He bought a new car last week now it's down there!

Great offer!

Stark contrast between Architecture and Park in Manhattan

Typical.............Lord help us if he gets in!!!

Ooooh! Mr Creepy!

Transplant candidates - this could be your lucky day!

Going Cheep!

Birthday Condoms - Ha!

I say this with feeling!

Mile High Club Candidate perhaps........

Isn't it the same with Humans?

Thanks Gloria!

Mmmmm! Novel - I think from Israel

Harwich Weather for Monday

It will be another dry day with some sunny spells, but cloud will tend to increase through the day. Moderate South-Easterly breeze. Maximum temperature 15 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 5 % | Rainfall Amount: 0 mm
Severe Weather Risk: Low
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks as ever for your support!



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