Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We are getting the tail end of storm "Frank" - very windy and raining now. We are fortunate, at the top end Iceland is getting hurricane force winds. Today had a few little computer tasks, nothing too exacting. Now the hunt is on for more pictorial fun - just for you!

My era this - '66 New Vibrations......at the time ultimate cool!

It's a new dance craze in S.America - called Kizomba
good eh boys?



Thanks Gloria!

Sometimes you get what you wish for!

I daren't check !

Here comes the bouquet - some people have their priorities right!

In my part of the world we call it a knocking shop......

View of a recent Hurricane from the ISS

Whoops No. 743

Good idea - at this airport they have this chap so that people who are scared
 of flying can pet him to calm their fears

Good old UPS - this just arrived - posted in 1996!

If you're going to pass out because you're smashed out of your face - 
do it gracefully!!!

Great Mural Art

How about..........doing yoga in front of a Manta Ray
(They're harmless actually)

Love this Secret Santa - underneath - it's a sink plunger!

Great rendition of "Ode to Joy"

Thanks Stanley!

Sorry Ladies - One ~More Mancave before the Year's End
Perhaps you'd like to go and have a cup of tea?

Thought you might like some more large Russian Ladies...

Harwich Weather for Thursday

A colder feel with sunny spells and showers to end the year. The showers possibly rather heavy and accompanied by a gusty South-Westerly wind. Maximum temperature 11 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 25 % | Rainfall Amount: 0-1 mm
Severe Weather Risk: Low
Thanks Essexweather.com

Tomorrow's Blog will be the last of 2015
it will be edition number 1118 !
I hope that you will continue to visit when you 
want a giggle!



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