Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Wet and windy here today, had to shop, but the rest of the day indoors. Now dishes washed, I am poised to have a go at digging up some more pictorial amusement - just for you...

No wonder the job's taking so long!

Thanks Jamie!

Yup! The duck's driving!

Thanks again Jamie!


Wow! Choc-o-late!

Now that's what I call a MOTH!

Monster ice cream anyone?

Bagged trees - no idea why?

Possibly the World's largest Catapult

Even in really bad times - there's always a joker!

When a girl's gotta go - a girl's gotta go!
Or any port in a storm!

Meet CEO Coypu!

It's OK to buy a monster flatscreen TV, but then
 you realise you've got to get it home!

Another of those "Right place Right time" pictures!

Now I think that I could just about manage one of those!

Diversionary tactics!

Thanks Derek!


Thanks again Derek!

In Florida, Manatees cuddle together to keep warm

Uses for Youtube!

I guess he's hoping it will blow off!

The look on this little girl's face when her Daddy
makes a snowman that looks like Olaf!

In a snowstorm it is inadvisable to leave your window open even a tiny bit!

Thanks John!

Meant for the Mancave, but I am short of clips!

If you don't succeed try try try again...

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Wet and windy with moderate rain for much of the day. South Westerly winds 21mph, gusting 38mph Max 13c  Min  11c  Light rain, chance 99% Rainfall 5mm

Thanks for your continuing support!



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