Saturday, 9 April 2016

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Hi! We're early today, because we have friends coming in this evening, so won't have time later. Hope you enjoy today's edition!

There are high dives and then there are suicidal high dives!

Oklahoma city, by the pool!

Not sure about this.........maybe he's hiding something!

Dog "What do you think of the driving cat? " - Cat "  "

The cake baker took this literally!

They always do things big in Russia!

Now this is novel! Just because you can doesn't mean you must!

Smart with matching boat - I wouldn't want to go far in that!

They must have a BIG job on!

Meet the pack.......hey wait a minute!

A trifle ostentatious - and heavy too I guess1

Guerilla knitters are out again!

OK we know it's not as big as we would wish!!!

He turned on the hotel room light and looked up......

Here's how they unload potatoes in Oklahoma!

Where the packaging is a LIE!

What's this? Oh! It's a baby croc asleep in top of a frog!

Ha Ha!

Thanks Mags!

Now for a few more good 'ol Animated gifs...

Harwich Weather for Sunday

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