Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, What a day! More monsoon rain, 24mm in the last 24 hours! Busy with computers and another hospital visit for the Domestic Goddess, now down to business, more fun stuff!

4k Timelapse of Europe, took 1000s of hours' work!

Simple but complex!

Sorry, no Jokes or Gifs - but you do get - extra pictures!

Russian Roulette!

They caught him at 3 am watching cartoons - looks as if he was in for the long haul!

Meet the vertical forest!

This airman steals his son's toys and photographs them in unlikely places - 
the boy loves them!

I must confess I don't like high fives, but.......
this one's a bit special!

As I have said before 90% of them are cabbages!

This is today's caption competition!

Nothing needs to be said!

Lucky pooch!

Microsoft just bought Linkedin for a bazillion dollars........

This must be enhanced.....isn't it???

Cle-ver Panda!

Clever move Gollum!

World Trade Center yesterday remembering Orlando

No! Really? - No no no no no!

Load of old bull!

I'll bet this diner gave her discount - and extra fries!!!

It says "The Equal is not the same"
I think I understand.....

Thanks Klaus!

I'll bet he was hip in the '50s

The choice is yours!

A knowing wife, away for a few days left him this!

I've seen some stupid products......
Don't they know that brake disks get really hot

Found! The man with the world's smallest penis!


More words of wisdom!

I don't know if this is stupidity or whether they were having a laugh!
He said Uh before his name...

Here we are at the Chavs after wedding party, where two brides arm wrestle
South of the Mason Dixon maybe!

There really is no hope for the human race!!!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Increased amounts of sunshine, but still the risk of heavy showers developing. South Westerly winds 10mph, gusting 17mph  Min 11c  Max 18c  Chance of rain 90%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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