Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We awarded ourselves a day out today, and we had a visit to Tiptree, to a huge garden centre, and then on to Wilkin's Jam factory for lunch. Now nose to the grindstone as I prepare to delve the depths for more pictorial humour - just for you!

Is this flukey of what?

Thanks Klaus

I never saw a Japanese lady stand up comedian before.......

I wonder if he ate the camera man first?

New from IKEA - please note this is not available as a flat pack!

Thanks Derek!

Hey get off that phone!

Meanwhile deep on the Russian steppes, this lady has found the 21st century!

In their haste to get to the Doughnut shop - they forgot!

Tibbles is loving his hike tent!

Leggings - the truth - some shouldn't!

Now that's mean!

They called and called and he didn't come - they eventually found him here!

This is what your smart phone looks like after falling 4 floors!

We have all been close !

Thanks Gloria!

It says"With three people the third one is an idiot.....I'm not - you're not so -

 Thanks Klaus!

Lucky shot he stopped to photograph the rainbow and there was a loud bang!

The leading contender in the current "Pile the Cheerios on your sleeping baby" competition

The wonders of Photoshop!

Maybe he chose the wrong religion.......

Big Dipper ride then and 20 years later!

Derek's Joke
Thanks Derek!

This is quite fun!

I don't use the "F" word, but here it seems totally appropriate!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

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