Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends,  We are back in harness properly tonight, and hope you enjoy the stuff that I have found. Meanwhile we are busy with family for the next few days, so sorry no more OGFs until Friday.

More sporting mayhem from Pepsi Cola

Thanks Klaus!

Not a Xylophone - a Marimba

The Silence of the Babushkas perhaps?

Here we see an Olympian scratching her nose and blowing up a balloon at the same time!

While we love the Cousins' slogans, I don't think you thought this one through Vicar!

Seizure man

I think that this is absolutely perfect! I can see myself doing this in 10 years' time!

Thanks Gloria!

This teacher talks sense - in my book anyway!

Jesus never thought of this.....

Hey Girls look at my meat 'n two veg!!!

Not difficult to guess why the call this "Just room enough Island"!

The little girl asked her Grandma for "Pizza Milk!

His girlfriend couldn't wait to meet his dog - the dog wasn't so sure!

Many of us have been here - often!

Rhianna tries to keep a low profile - Oh! the worship of celebrity!!!

More Engrish - with a philosophical moral

Some people think that sheep are stupid.......far from it!

This happens when you head a muddy football!

Hot from Rio - Planking is back!

Thanks Chaps!

A "Ta Da" moment for this Lumberjack!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Very warm with lengthy spells of sunshine. South Easterly winds 10mph, gusting 20mph  Min 14c  Max 28c Chance of rain 5%  Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

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