Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Dear Family and Friends, feeling slightly off colour and 10 lbs heavier, we survived the Christmas bash. Seriously we had a really good time with the family, who have now decamped to Wales, giving me the time to produce a truncated blog.

His Mum knitted a Onesy for his pet snake!

They said it couldn't be done - a man lifting drone!

I am wondering where they got the wrapping paper......

Here he is - job done, jetting off to the sun!

The incomparable Freddie even had a ride on Darth Vader!

Thanks Mr Delivery - Merry Christmas to you too!

It says " Hurrah Finally 364 Days Free!"

I always turn the darned thing off!

A Not Bad piece of welding!

I'm not sure what is being said, but by the look of the elf - it isn't very nice!

I would do the same!!!

He always goes like this at Christmas!

This is Grindelwald - cool eh?

China - you're 75 years behind the times!

His office party clothes - I bet that went down well!

Not so cool now!

Serves you right - Voovoozelas scare the sh*it out of them!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

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