Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Funnies for Midweek

Dear Family and Friends, I have been a bit unwell with vertigo, so you nearly escaped a funny blog today. However after throwing various pills down my neck, I am back in sort of working order, so here goes.....

Clever - Braille Rubik Cube
(And it has been completed!)

Those Quebecois are at it again.....

Thanks Klaus!

Daffy's Curriculum Vitae

They don't want you to miss valuable drinking time!

Gives him something to boast about back at the station!

Meanwhile en route to Walmart!

I wouldn't want to be around when he sees this!

Sneaky passenger

This convinces me even more that 90% of them are cabbages!

The Power of Advertising!

It's OK chaps Jamie's not dead yet!

Sandals and socks - Yup!

That's what you think!

 Thanks Robert!

Russian tribute to President Trump!

This Euorpean Parliament Member, brings her daughter to
the meetings!

That look!

One for the boys
Still crowded on the balcony!

She likes it really1

Harwich Weather for Thursday

A bright day after a very cold and frosty start. Lengthy spells of sunshine throughout the day. South Easterly winds 12mph, gusting 21mph  Min -3c  Max 3c  Chance of rain 10%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

Thanks for calling by!



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